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Taking the Draft out of DRAFTING

You can get a range of Drafting Consulting Services from us. We give you different options for what will work best for your project and budget. Our team has experienced drafters ranging from Architectural to Civil Engineering with over 6 years experience.   Everyone has different needs from building a new home to renovating an old one. Rendering Design and Drafting we can help you. Choose from some of the following services to get underway. To help our Specialists please provide us with as much information as possible as listed below. Otherwise don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can guide you through it.

  • Existing AutoCAD Files (DWG,DXF)
  • Existing Revit Files (RVT)
  • Existing ArchiCAD Files (PLN)
  • Images
  • PDF Files
  • Hand Drawn Sketches
  • Specification Documents

Drafting Options


2D Plans

Drawings that are created on either Revit or AutoCAD depending on the complexity of the job. These plans can include the following;

  • Floor Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Internal Elevations
  • Elevations Plans
  • Sectional Plans
  • Landscape Layout Plans
  • Detail Plans
  •  Floor Finishes
  • Window and Door Schedules
  • Foundation Slab Plans

Featured Image for a Coomera House Proposal - View more


3D Plans

Drawn in Revit to create a virtual 3D Model of your house, a great option to present your plans to the client. As well as being able to do artistic sections or views of the house. Simply select various rooms to be presentated or sections that you would like to display alongside the working drawings and our team will do the rest.

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Coloured Plans

Make your orindary floor plans come to life through colour. Visualise the colours and materials of the house working together in this high quality finished floor plan that is easier to read.

Exclusive Services Include;

  • Basic Floor Coverings Plan
  • Basic Plan with minimal furniture
  • Additional Décor can be added
  • Rendered Floor Coverings Plan
  • Rendered Plan with minimal furniture

Featured Image: Basic Plan with Minimal Furniture - View more


Plan Restoration

Do you have old working drawings that need to be cleaned up so you can read them again. Maybe you are doing some renovations and want to get your plans updated to the most current state. This service offers you a new set of working drawings. Just provide us with your current set and we can draw the rest.

  • Re-draw of existing plans
  • Draft new drawings of a renovation (Bathroom, Kitchen etc)

Featured Image: Example of "Redrawn Plans with a Renovation" - View more